HF200 Ionic Air Purifier / Ionizer


Ideally designed for regular size rooms, the HF 200 is an incredibly effective air purifier which fills an entire room with health beneficial negative ions. Indoor air contains extremely low quantities of negative ions. Countryside air, in comparison, contains more than ten times the negative ions found in indoor air. Negative ions produced by the HF 200 purifier, bind with airborne pollutants removing them from the air and creating a fresh, clean and healthy environment.

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  • Experience the Power of Negative Ions. 
    Ever wonder why it   feels so pleasant near a huge waterfall? Remember how invigorating and   fresh the air was? That is because that air was rich with negative ions.   Must have experienced the same breath of the "clean" air right after a   thunderstorm. Same phenomena!! Enrich the air with millions of negative   ions. Heaven Fresh HF 200 Ionic Air Purifier works on the same exact   principle.
  • Increase oxygen uptake. 
    Researchers believe Negative Ions increase oxygen uptake   capabilities on a cellular level. More oxygen to your cells means better   overall health. The Nobel prize winner a few years ago discovered that   lack of oxygen is the main cause of cancer. 
  • Improves mood and stay alert. 
    Research shows that negative ion help regulate brain   serotonin. The brains serotonin neurotransmitter system has been   associated with a variety of psychiatric disorders, including   depression, anxiety, change of mood and alcohol addiction. Negative ion   therapy has also been used successfully to combat SAD (Seasonal Adaptive   Disorder). The UK military installs negative ion generators in fighter   jet cockpits and in submarines to keep the crews frosty and alert. 
  • Fights asthma epidemic & allergy. 
    A study conducted by a group of doctor shows that negative   ions generally lead to favourable effects, and many individuals   experience relief from their respiratory allergies, asthma and other   respiratory diseases. 
  • Eliminate Odour, Dust, Smoke, Pollen etc. 
    Negative ions produced by HF 200 Ionic Air Purifier,   purifies the air by attaching themselves to positive ions, thus making   them too heavy to remain in the air and falling to the ground or onto a   conductive surface where normal cleaning activity can remove them from   the room. Positive ions are akin to pollution, dust, dander, smoke, etc. 


  • 100% solid state electronic circuit
  • No filter replacement (uses state of the art stainless steel dust collector plates - easily removed and cleaned
  • 17 high density stainless steel needle points producing optimum negative ions level
  • Noiseless operation (no moving parts) 
  • Low power consumption 
  • An effective and affordable way to combat indoor air pollution


  • Rated voltage = 12V DC / 220-240V 50-60 Hz Adapter
  • Power consumption = 6W
  • Ion output = MAX 1,000,000/ccm 
  • Active oxygen output = Less than 0.05 ppm (parts per million)
  • Dimension: 12 x 7.2 x 3.8 (inches) 
  • Weight = 1280g or 2.8lbs 
  • Applicable area = up to 270 sq ft (15 x 18 room)

VAT Included     |     Free DPD Delivery

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