Redmond RMC–M90E Multi Cooker


A compact multi-cooker which functions as a stove, an oven, a deep fryer and a slow cooker. The device is controlled with intuitive sensor panel MOTouch®. The list of available programs will impress even the most sophisticated cookery specialists: "Soup", "Pizza", "Yoghurt" and 14 other programs. BBQ shrimp or Beef chili will be cooked automatically. If you plan to cook dishes on original family recipes or make a vitamin-rich breakfast use a MULTICOOK program to adjust the temperature within the range from 35°C (95°F) to 170°C (340°F) and the time from 5 minutes to 16 hours. A glossy plastic housing is kept cool during device operation. Handles of the bowl are made of heat-resistant plastic to provide maximum convenience that's why the bowl can be easily removed at the end of cooking.

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The MULTICOOK program allows adjusting cooking parameters in the multi-cooker and cook dishes based on any recipes, found in the cookbook or the Internet. The temperature can be adjusted between 35°С and 170°С in 5°С interval, the time can be set between 2 minutes and 15 hours in 1 minute interval.

Pasteurization is a thermal product processing to kill harmful for a health at temperatures not higher than 100°C. It is used for sterilizing food products mainly liquids, and also for extending their shelf life. The nutritional value remains almost the same. 

Sterilization is a thermal processing of dishware with hot water or steam, as a result of which all microorganisms are killed. Baby bottles, pacifiers and utensils for storing home-made canned goods should be sterilized.











  • Bowl Capacity: 5.25 Qt / 5 L l
  • Power Input: 860 W
  • Voltage: 120 V, 60 Hz
  • Display: LED
  • Removable steam valve: yes
  • Removable inner lid: yes
  • Number of programs: 17 programs (17 automatic)
  •   REHEAT function Yes, up to 12 hours    
  •     Disable KEEP WARM in advance yes    
  •     KEEP WARM function up to 24 hours    
  •    TIME DELAY function up to 24 hours  
  •  Warranty:24 months

VAT Included     |     Free DPD Delivery

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