REDMOND RMK-M911E Multi Cooker / Multi Kitchen


The process of cooking some dishes that require roasting used to be a problem for multicooker owners. It was almost impossible to fry appetizing pancakes for the whole family without burning hands when flipping them over, but REDMOND engineers solved this problem.

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REDMOND RMK-M911E features a multipurpose MULTICOOK program thanks to which you can adjust time and temperature in a larger value range.

The temperature adjustment range is from 35 °С to 170 °С in 5 °С interval. The time adjustment range is from 5 minutes to 12 hours in 1 minute interval (for intervals up to 1 hour) or 5 minutes (for intervals more than 1 hour).

Besides, if the temperature less than 80 °С is adjusted on the MULTICOOK program, Keep Warm won’t turn on and can be preliminarily disabled.

In the multicooker REDMOND RMK-M911E you can manually set the cooking time for each program, except for the “EXPRESS” program.

The adjustment interval and possible range of the adjusted time depend on selected cooking program.

Programs and Features

  • Replaces a stove and a multicooker
  • Equipped with Masterfry® patented technology: capability of lifting the heating element
  • Capability of cooking in any heat-resistant dishware of a corresponding diameter: a saucepan, a sauté pan, a frying pan, and a multicooker bowl
  • The flat heating element of the multikitchen ensures uniform heating of foods
  • A flat bottom of the packaged bowls and the frying pan allow cooking with minimum oil: it doesn't flow to the edges of cooking utensils and you'd only need several grams for cooking 45 cooking programmes allow you to boil, fry, make second courses, soups, side dishes, yoghurt, steamed dishes, home baked goods, desserts and many other dishes. On top of that, the appliance works automatically and you don't have to track the process of cooking.
  • Automatic cooking programmes are accessible in both positions of the heating element what makes the multikitchen a next-generation programmable stove
  • The MULTICOOK programme allows you to cook even the most complicated recipes: time adjustment (from 5 min to 12 h) and the temperature adjustment (from 35 to 170˚С) before the start of cooking
  • 3D-heating: upper, bottom and side heating elements provide uniform cooking
  • Keep Warm: maintaining the temperature of ready dishes, up to 24 h
  • Preliminary disabling Keep Warm
  • Time Delay (up to 24 h)
  • Reheating cold dishes with temperature maintenance for up to 24 h
  • LCD display
  • Ceramic-coated bowl and frying pan

Technical characteristics

  • Power 860-1000 W 
  • Voltage 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz 
  • Bowl Capacity 5 L 
  • Bowl / frying pan coating ceramic non-stick
  • CDisplay colour, LED
  • 3D heating yes 
  • KEEP WARM function Yes, up to 24 hours  
  • REHEAT function Yes, up to 24 hours
  • Deactivation of Keep Warm in advance Yes  
  •  PACKAGING INCLUDES: Multikitchen, Bowl, Frying pan, Tongs, Steaming container, Yogurt jars (6 pcs.),  Measuring cup , Serving spoon, Stirring paddle , Cookbook, Spoon/Paddle holder, User manual , Service booklet, Power cord
  • Warranty:  2 years  

VAT Included     |     Free DPD Delivery

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